A Year in Photo’s and Tweets

blah…37 weeks… ultrasound/NST/ Dr. appt tomorrow… 🙂  -July 14, 2010- If only I had known.

He’s here! D-Rex, 5 lbs 12 oz. Born Friday at 2:35 pm. Some lung maturity issues but doing well at Dublin Methodist. We can’t wait to bring him home soon. 🙂 -July 20

The CPAP mask, IV, and feeding tube are all out, courtesy of D-Rex… the doctor agreed that they could stay out though. :)-July 21

D-Rex got to come home yesterday. We’re enjoying some quiet time just the three of us. :)-July 23

Observation… Five pound babies don’t fit into newborn size clothes very well…correction… They fit and swim in them.-July 23, 2010.

Cranky baby+ getting a new roof= mommy going crazy and yelling at the roofers…oy. -October 12, 2010

If baby drool were gold I’d be a rich mommy.-November 11

Dear D-Rex. Your jammies have two legs as well as two footies. Therefore it is best to leave one leg in each side as mommy placed them before bed. Love Mommy-November 18

Mommy of the year award. Forgot the bottle at home, let the mean nurse poke him with needles, then i took the band aids off. The kid officially hates me.-November 19

D-Rexs first Christmas… pretty sure he’s got opening the presents down…or at least eating the paper. -December 25

He has a tooth!- January 4

Monster boy weighs 18 lbs and is 27 and a half inches long. Thats insane considering six months ago he was 5 lbs 12oz and 19 in. 🙂  -January 22


So while changing a poo butt… I told D-Rex that it was everywhere… to which he replied, “eeeewww”. darn right it was ew son…-January 30

Everyone celebrates their own way… D-Rex apparently celebrates St. Patricks Day by pooping bright green poop…-March 17

And D-Rex stood up in his crib today. I swear he’ll be walking before he learns to actually crawl on all fours.-April 7

D-Rex just farted in the bath tub and gave me an extremely concerned look. Lol.-April 17

D-Rex is 22.6 lbs, 30 in long, with an 18.5 in head. Thats 75% weight, 95 % height, and 97% head size. My kid is a beast.-April 18

Storm, meet D-Rex… “crash/flash/rumble-rumble.” D-Rex, meet storm… ” AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” Gonna be another sleepless night.-April 20

Oh my God, my boy is trying to give me a heart attack. First he figures out how to climb onto the couch, THEN takes his first steps! Three! Give me my snuggly baby back!-June 15

Bubbles are like xanax for babies. Pissed off and screaming one second, contented sighs the next.-June 26

Introducing my son to fireflies as there seems to be a million out tonight. – June 29, 2011

Can it really only be 12 days until he is one? -July 4, 2011


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