Getting to know you

1. What was your favorite childhood food?Grandma’s corn casserole
2. Favorite quote? You can’t always dance in the water, sometimes you just have to tread.
3. Favorite time of day? sunset, I sit on porch and read or just watch the sun leave.
4. Least favorite mode of transportation? bus
5. Favorite body part? eyes/hair
6. Favorite sound? music. All music. Especially french horn.( lotr, romulan music from new star trek EPIC)
7. If you had 30 mins of free time what would you do? bake, craft, read. Still looking for the perfect orange creamcicle cake recipie.
8. Songs on your soundtrack for life? broadway, celtic, punk, rock, pop. EVERYTHING
9. Last movie, tv show, or book to make you cry? LOST, I’m still sad it ended. And Men in Black 3. Didn’t expect that.
10. Hardest thing you’ve done? letting drs take my son to another hospital with a NICU when he was born, I hadn’t even held him yet. I left the hospital appox 25 hours after c section.
11. Last amazing meal? in June on honeymoon. 360 restaraunt at the Raddisson in cincinnatti. Wonderful.


~ by wanderingmusician on July 16, 2012.

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