I am a woman on the brink of discovery.  I don’t know for sure who I am or what God wants me to be.  I am a musician by nature, a worker by nurture.  I love my friends. I hope to be like my daddy in the strength that he brings to what is left of my family.  I hope to have the grace of my sister, who always extends mercy to those she loves.  I hope to have the tenacity of my mother, who no matter what mistakes are made,  she keeps trying.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. I like the new design…very pleasant. Where is the header picture from? Did you take it? I enjoy reflection pictures like this one.

    • Thanks. My sister took it in Zürich last summer. She got some really awesome photographs. I’ll probably be switching them in and out for a while. I take it that you’re in ministry of some sort from your e-mail address?…

  2. I was glad to see the blog role and recent entries back. The feedjit never showed me on the site anyway.

  3. Oh My, I missed one day and you’ve completely re-vamped! Cool new colors and format… I’ll have to catch up now.

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